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Fully Automatic Milk Pouch Packing Machine
We at Shree Khodal Engineering manufacture Pepsi, Cendy Packing Machine ,Chuna Parsal Packing Machine, Chatani Packing Machine, Water Punch Packing Machine, we have come a long way in establishing ourselves as the pioneer in packaging companies in Rajkot. With our tireless efforts and innovative technology, we believe in staying at the forefront. To come to a reputable position, we have developed various products from semi sealing machines to machines that are now apt to complete the process of packing.
Shree Khodal Engineering offers wide range of Packaging Solutions to the wide range of Industries in India & Abroad Over the period of 8 years the range of products we have successfully developed from initial stage of Semi Automatic Machines to Fully Automatic Machines covering almost all the critical products in the Industry. Shree Khodal Engineering is one of the top packaging companies in Gujrat ,India

  • Fully Automatic Pouch Machine
  • Fully Autometic Pepsi, Candy Machine & Calcium
  • Chuna Parsal Packing Machine
  • Chutney Sauce Packing Machine

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Water Pouch Packing Machine

Milk Packing Machine Auto Seil

Pepsi Candy Packing Machine (Hot Bar)

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